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Based in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, Therapeutic Solutions, etc. has added a new location in Barnegat Light, NJ, Barnegat Light Therapeutic Massage. Both locations offering: Massage (Swedish and Deep Tissue)Myofascial Release TherapyEPAT Therapy,  Cranio Sacral Therapy, and Cupping.

Newly offering Lifeline Technique and Wayfinder Life Coaching.

We are open seven days a week. 60, 90, and 120 minute sessions are available by appointment only. Lifeline Technique is available via Zoom, phone or in person.

We can be reached at 609-444-7120

About the Therapist:

Hello and welcome to TSE, (Therapeutic Solutions etc.) and BLTM, (Barnegat Light Therapeutic Massage). Proudly serving South Jersey for over 20 years. Graduating from Lady of Lourdes Institute of Wholistic Healing School program back in 2000. I found my passion for being of service with the fascination of the fascia system throughout the body. I studied with John Barnes, PT, an authority, lecturer, author and teacher of the highest caliber in Myofascial Release. I also studied with the late Dr. John Upledger, leader, innovator, teacher where I learned cranio-sacral therapy. For the longest time my practice focused on myofascial release and dealing with the physical symptoms created by pain, inflammation and trauma. The approach is extremely effective and clients report feeling better. However, time and time again I felt a sense that something was not complete, as the fascia was released, there is more….. Back in 2010 a colleague of mine introduced me to the Lifeline Technique. A pioneer of his time, Dr. Darren Weissman developed The LifeLine Technique® as an integrative system for mastering the subconscious mind. To activate positive, rapid, and lasting transformation. In your thoughts, behavior, and your body’s natural ability to heal. Every “problem” is a portal to the next greatest version of yourself. Adding this modality has been exciting and rewarding, it has been the missing piece of the “puzzle”. Lifeline empowers people to take charge of their own healing and break the patterns of old thoughts. Thus creating whatever their hearts desire to live their life as their true, authentic self. In 2019 relocating next to the water was a positive addition to the practice. Bringing all these healing modalities to the shore community while still servicing the Mt. Laurel area has increased awareness. Serving additional communities has proven that even through challenging times we can still create peace and balance in our lives. I am here to help facilitate healing, I continue to learn, grow and evolve by showing up every day and doing my best. If you are ready to begin or continue your journey, I am available to assist from wherever you are in your healing process.

To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.  ~Buddha


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Carole Z.


"I have been a client of Linda's for almost 6 years. My life has improved physically, spiritually and emotionally. Linda is both professional and caring. She has a commitment to her work and clients, and is always furthering her education and mastering her skills. She generously shares this with her client, and I believe, all whom she comes in contact with. Linda is a life mentor as well as a healer. I am very grateful to know her and to be her client."



"Thanks! And thanks again for teaching us. You're a real asset to the school and I'm really glad I got the chance to be exposed to that kind of work in the course of the program. I'm looking forward to going deeper with connective tissue too!"

Joe & Melita


"We have been seeing Linda regularly for nearly three years. Her hands have healing powers. We've learned to quiet our minds to meditate and our bodies to relax!"

Jessica Stern

NCBMT, Acupuncture Student

"Linda Gerber has been an integral piece of my transformation process in the healing arts. Her unorthodox teaching style gave way to an intuitive perspective to challenge the mind and body by letting go of preconceived formulas to treat the body. Her powerful healing does not only invigorate the student, but nourishes the soul of each individual she puts her hands on. Having an understanding of the amazing potential of treatment style through her class at MACP, I pursued one on one and multiple hand treatments with her for more support in this amazing field. Linda offers further studies in smaller groups. Her mentorship and advanced classes gave way to a more profound level of connection to the body and spirit of patients seeking higher levels of consciousness. She penetrates through the deepest levels of connective tissue to reach the very essence of the patient, enabling the person to feel safe in letting go; to face the scars of trauma to the body in every and any aspect for the greatest good. I personally believe that every body worker must experience this unique and amazing knowledge Linda has to share and guide any student. She is an intuitive, by nature with compassion to all who seek to further their knowledge and application of taking the body to its quintessential place of peace. When the student is ready, the teach will appear. This is Linda Gerber."

Lois Dennis


"Finding a good therapist is like finding a good physican... good luck! I was fortunate. Over 20 years ago I began receiving weekly massage therapy, first from a Trager practitioner and then from a therapist who was outstanding but subsequently retired. I now travel by train to Center City Philadelphia weekly because, unlike my former therapists who set me on the path to self and body awareness, Linda Gerber actually helped me identify and remedy the problems... and there were many problems, though I was totally unaware...

On my first visit, Linda observed me as I walked through the door... I was "twisted," a term I now use myself as I observe countless other individuals each day who are struggling to walk in that same hapless state. On that same first visit, once on the table, I noted Linda's many certificates of accomplishment. Upon careful perusal I realized I had come to the right place... I told her then that she would "need to use all of those modalities" on me and I am certain that she has done so.

The major difference between massage therpay and the therapy provided by Linda is that she helps transform you... this is not pampering or inducement into a blissful state... this is correction of years of neglect and abuse. In my case, tennis, poor posture and many other life changes had taken their toll.

We are all "works in progress" and I am one of the lucky ones who found Linda."

Sarah Keating

Owner, Phoenix Salon and Spa

"Linda Gerber and her myofascial techniques saved me from having a surgery on 2 levels in my neck. After having been in severe pain for almost 2 years, and having surgery scheduled at the University of Pennsylvania, Linda was recommended to me by a colleague.

I had tried pain killers, physical therapy, numerous types of injections, steroids, dry needling, accupuncture, and anything else I could do to alleviate the constant pain. Nothing worked. The doctors (and there were many....), all said surgery was my only option.

I was very uncomfortable with anyone touching my neck but after having met Linda and hearing of her own neck issues and prior surgeries, I agreed to a 2-week program of intensive myofascial work. While it was a major commitment of time and money, I was desperate to avoid risky and invasive neck surgery. Her treatments worked and I have been "pain free" for over a year and have successfully avoided surgery.

I am in a weekly maintenance program and expect that I will continue with this program for the rest of my life. Linda has worked hard to balance my alignment and to teach me ways to improve my overall health. My husband is also under her care and is playing "A" level squash after years of shoulder pain that limited his activity.

As the owner of a salon and spa, I have access to good massage therapists on a daily basis at no cost to me. I choose the more precise work that Linda provides and pay for it out of pocket every week. I am most appreciative of all she has done for me personally and for others I have proudly sent her way. Thanks Linda!"

Therapeutic Solutions etc. - Mount Laurel

Therapeutic Solutions etc. - Mount Laurel

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We are open seven days a week. 60, 90, and 120 minute sessions are available by appointment.  Please contact us for information or to schedule your session/event.

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